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23/09/15: Hen Harriers and the RSPB

18/09/15: Labour’s “Rural Renewal”

10/09/15: The lead shot debate gets ever more toxic

07/09/15: The BBC and Chris Packham

20/08/2015: The Chancellor’s “Rural Productivity Plan”

13/08/2015: Our Telegraph comment piece on the Glorious 12th

06/08/2015: Good news on Hen Harrier recovery

30/07/2015: Changes are afoot at the Countryside Alliance

23/07/2015: The Law Commission and Firearms legislation

14/07/2015: Hunting Act postponed

08/07/2015: Breaking news: Lobby your MP for Hunting

02/07/2015:Rising support for all things shooting a testament to our work

25/06/2015: Lead shot – what next?

18/06/2015:Unmasking the animal rights extremists

11/06/2015:Updating you on our important work in Europe

04/06/2015: Caffe Nero and the badger cull

28/05/2015: Explaining resignation from the Lead Ammunition Group

26/05/2015: Lobby now to help win the vote on hunting

14/05/2015: Victory for working dogs in Wales

08/05/2015: After the General Election we look ahead to a new Parliament

30/04/2015: Countdown to the General Election and rural Britain’s future

23/04/2015: David Cameron’s appearance on the Andrew Marr show

16/04/2015: We look at the main parties’ manifesto commitments to the countryside

09/04/2015: Labour clarifies its position on gun licences

02/04/2015: The RSPB and shooting – we must all work together

26/03/2015: A review of our work in this Parliament

19/03/2015: RSPCA drops final hunt prosecution

12/03/2015: The hunting season draws to a close

05/03/2015: Barney reports on our latest work for shooting in Europe

26/02/2015: Lobby your Parliamentary candidates

19/02/2015: 10 Years of the Hunting Act

12/02/2015: Giving police the power to unmask animal rights thugs

05/02/2015: Write to you PCC and MP about masked activists

30/01/2015: Brutal attack on Tedworth huntsman was about hating people, not loving animals

23/01/2015: Lunesdale trial collapses and join our #betterbroadband map

15/01/2015: Shooting, livelihoods and raptors

08/01/2015: Firearms, hunting badges and fly-grazing

01/01/2015: 2015 promises to be a year of change for the countryside

18/12/2014: We are ‘Still here, still hunting’

10/12/2014: Don’t fund thugs this Christmas – boycott LUSH cosmetics.

04/12/2014: Please respond to the Home Office firearms consultation

27/11/2014: Buzzards, Natural England and the High Court

21/11/2014: The Hunting Act and the Archers

13/11/2014: New dog control orders explained

06/11/2014: Working with ACPO on firearms

30/10/2014: Vote for your Champion of Champions in the Rural Oscars

23/10/2014: Hunting in good heart as the Act’s 10th anniversary approaches

16/10/2014: E-campaign – take action with us on firearms and on fly-grazing

09/10/2014: Go wild for game this season

02/10/2014: The Countryside Alliance at the Conservative Party Conference

25/09/2014: Our Rural Manifesto published ahead of the General Election

19/09/2014: Kate Hoey MP to step down as Chairman of Countryside Alliance

18/08/2014: Britain’s birds of prey – our new report shows a success story

12/08/2014: The Glorious 12th – a great day to campaign