Outdoor Education


The Countryside Alliance Foundation is working hard to get outdoor education included in the National Curriculum, recognising the valuable learning opportunities that the countryside can offer young people.

With 92% of parents wanting their children to have more opportunities to get into the countryside to learn about farming and nature, there is clearly widespread support for our view. We have established an extensive outdoor education programme that includes an exciting portfolio of education resources and research initiatives designed to raise awareness of the countryside and the importance of protecting the natural environment. In addition, the fresh air and exercise associated with outdoor learning brings with it considerable health and wellbeing benefits that for many children are lacking in their daily lives. The Countryside Alliance Foundation has developed an imaginative online project called Countryside Investigators, which is a valuable learning tool used by 10% of primary schools in England and Wales. The website is accessible, eye catching and fun to use, and includes films, games and a teachers’ area.