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Bird Flu and Gamebirds Advice

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Bird Flu and Gamebirds Advice Government has come together with countryside and shooting organisations to issue important information about bird flu to everyone involved with gamebirds. The information, endorsed by Defra, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments and collated by seven leading countryside and shooting organisations (BASC, CA,CLA,GFA,GWCT, NGO and SGA) can be viewed…

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Our Chief Executive Tim Bonner on the RSPB and Shooting

| Our Blog, Shooting

Our Chief Executive Tim Bonner writes:  The RSPB does a huge amount of work which we can all support, and all of us with the interests of the countryside at heart should be able to support the Society unequivocally. Concerns have, however, increasingly been expressed about the RSPB’s attitude towards shooting and whether its public…

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Liam Stokes writes for The Spectator: “Is factual accuracy too much to ask from BBC presenters like Chris Packham?”

| Latest News, Shooting, Shooting and Conservation

Earlier this week, Head of Shooting at the Countryside Alliance, Liam Stokes, wrote for The Spectator Coffee House blog about a number of misleading social media posts that Chris Packham has published over the past week. To read the comment piece in full, please follow this link: In the piece, Liam argued: “On Sunday evening,…

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Parliamentary update – January 2017

| Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News

The Countryside Alliance’s political team has updated Parliamentarians on their work in their January newsletter. The update includes a diverse range of issues including Boxing Day, the Digital Economy Bill, the Alliance’s 20th anniversary, the RSPCA and rural tourism. You can download the document below. Should you have any questions please contact James on…

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Professor Khalid Aziz, comment : “The BBC seems to have lost the plot when it comes to understanding its responsibilities”

| Latest News, Shooting and Conservation

Professor Khalid Aziz has published a powerful comment piece about Chris Packham and BBC editorial standards in today’s Hampshire Chronicle. Please see below: “Is Chris Packham justified in his anti-shooting opinions? Of course, if that is what he really believes and, like Voltaire, I will defend the right of anyone to voice his opinion even…

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Countryside Alliance holds Packham to account over misleading tweets

| Our Blog

Countryside Alliance Head of Shooting Liam Stokes writes: Last night (8th January), BBC presenter Chris Packham fallaciously told his many thousands of social media followers that the UK’s declining population of lapwings is being shot, and as such people should sign his anti-shooting petition. At the time of writing the post and its attendant link…

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Fishing 4 Schools director welcomes Government pledge to improve mental health support for children

| Fishing for Schools, Latest News, Press Release

Fishing 4 Schools, a charity project run by the Countryside Alliance, is pleased by the Government’s announcement today (9 January) of improved support for children with mental health issues. Many of the children and young adults who attend Fishing 4 Schools courses across the country attend special schools and a number of them have issues…

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Jo Churchill MP on CfR’s importance alongside medical treatment for cancer

| Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland, Fishing, Foundation

Thanks to Jo Churchill MP for mentioning the powerful effect of CfR in the Bury Free Press in a column on the UK Cancer Strategy. Ms Churchill writes: “the Countryside Alliance Foundation take women suffering from cancer fly-fishing, helping them, albeit briefly, to take a welcome break from treatment and experience something new and peaceful….

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Countryside Alliance clarifies facts on grouse shooting and support payments

| Latest News, Shooting, Shooting and Conservation

The Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, has published a letter in The Times in response to a news story containing inaccuracies about grouse shooting and the way that agricultural subsidy works in the uplands. Please follow link for story: In the news story “Take off your slippers and get working, farmers…

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‘Avian Flu’ update following further recorded cases – 05/01/17

| Communities and Business, Food and Farming, Latest News, Shooting, Shooting and Conservation

The Countryside Alliance is advising all members to remain vigilant regarding the signs of avian influenza after further outbreaks have been recorded including in a ‘backyard flock’ in Carmarthenshire. Details of outbreaks and any resulting further restrictions can be found here. Risks to public health are very low and avain flu does not pose a food…

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Countryside Alliance raises concerns about “Rewilding” comments in Parliamentary report

| Consultation and Lobbying, Food and Farming, Latest News, Press Release

The Countryside Alliance has raised concerns about the Environmental Audit Committee report into The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum, published today (4th January 2017). The Alliance argues that the report will create further confusion due to its approach to ‘rewilding’. The report recognises that rewilding is a “contested term” with definitions…

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